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Take the Hint

cherylHow to know when to go. Not all employers are adept at letting people go. For the most part, firing someone is an employer’s least favorite thing to do. Plus, there is the aspect quiting vs. firing and Unemployment Benefits, but that’s a whole other blog. However, sometimes when an employer is getting ready to make a change, he or she will give “hints” that you should think about moving on. I’ll share seven signs with you that it may be time to start hunting for a new job. Continue reading ‘Take the Hint’

Keys to Unlocking a Lockout

will-s-0209The NFL is currently facing one of its longest work stoppages ever, as players and owners continue their incendiary dispute as to how they should split up nine billion dollars. When players reported for off-season workouts and practices, the owners took legal action, barring them from the facilities. As things currently sit between both parties, no immediate resolution appears likely. Continue reading ‘Keys to Unlocking a Lockout’

Too Close for Comfort

will-s-0209 Although recent labor reports indicate that overall job losses have slowed, what is your best course of action if your office is still in layoff mode and your own employment status might suddenly be in jeopardy? Welcome to the new world of employment uncertainty.

Your immediate reaction and proper preparation could significantly shorten your length of unemployment if bad news does arrive. Many people go through a short period of relief after learning that they have managed to hang onto their own job when those around them have been let go. But eventually, those feelings can morph into sadness, anxiety or even guilt. Some co-workers in your office might opt to explore other jobs in order preempt the next round of pink slips. What should you do? Continue reading ‘Too Close for Comfort’

Sailing the Sea of Unemployment Insurance Claims and Appeals

Lisa BoganySuccessfully handling an unemployment insurance claim is often looked at as a business owner’s rite of passage. Employers frequently contact our Employer Service’s Central Office looking for guidance before they terminate an employee or after they’ve received the claim notice. Will accepting my employee’s resignation result in me having to pay unemployment benefits? I’ve gotten a claim notice in the mail, what do I do now?  The UI Claim’s process can be intimidating and, depending on whom you ask, downright confusing. Below is a look at what to do and not to do before and after a claim arises. Continue reading ‘Sailing the Sea of Unemployment Insurance Claims and Appeals’

Don’t Let the Gloom Doom You


The shattering results of the current recession have eliminated more than eight-million jobs over a two year period. Many economic pundits have said that the worst is probably over, but more people are still losing their jobs at a faster rate than any other time in history. Obviously, some industries have faired better than others during the economic decay, but danger still lurks in all areas. Continue reading ‘Don’t Let the Gloom Doom You’

Say What?

Strange Work Requests

Fortunately, I work with fabulous co-workers who don’t create waves in the office with inappropriate requests. However, I recently heard a request in my recruiting network that nearly knocked my socks off…which in turn prompted me to write this blog. (I’m going to spare you the details for the sake of reputations, but I assure you it’s one for the record books!) Here are some interesting co-worker and job seeker requests that make you go…really? Be aware that these are not fabricated requests, and they come from bona fide office suggestion boxes from actual people. Continue reading ‘Say What?’

Preparing for the New Normal


After the 2001 recession, the national unemployment rate climbed to 5.8 percent in 2002, and peaked at 6.3 percent in 2003 before falling back to 4.6 percent for 2006 and 2007. Most economists agree that we may never see employment numbers this low again. Continue reading ‘Preparing for the New Normal’