Is There Such a Thing as an Overqualified Worker?

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You’ve probably heard it yourself or from someone else: “you’re overqualified for the job.” For this reason, people who have put time, money, and effort into becoming top professionals in their industries are turned down from jobs. The qualities they believed would help them advance in their fields are the exact ones keeping them from getting the job. But what exactly does it imply

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Sacrifice isn’t Easy – Celebrating our Veterans

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As we celebrate Veteran’s Day November 11, hopefully, we think about how much they sacrificed to give us the freedom and rights that we cherish as American citizens. I think about their great sacrifice because I am the son and grandson of a veteran, nephew of a veteran, and father of a soldier.

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Valuable Training Opportunities (Part 2)

Welcome back! In part 1 of my blog, I discussed Online Learning and Webinar training options offered by Workforce Solutions. I also summarized what to expect from Module 1: A Targeted Plan, and Module 2: Job Readiness Toolkit. Jobseekers swear by the information, tips, and strategies provided throughout the four modules. They readily admit to a much more successful and shortened job search. Let’s finish where we left off and complete our discussion of Modules 3 and 4.

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Valuable Training Opportunities

Successful Job Seekers Swear By!

The most successful job seekers do not remain unemployed for very long. They know that one of the first things they need to do is figure out exactly how much they need to learn about job search. Workforce Solutions offers both online learning & live webinar training opportunities designed to learn more about current techniques. Expect to learn how to start your job search through four step-by-step (virtual) modules. You will have a much more realistic mindset to understand employer expectations.

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