Preparation Tips to Win Over the Employer

Job searching is a stressful season at any period of your professional career. Being well prepared and supported has been the key factor in my personal and professional life. With a plan and purpose, you are bound to find an opportunity. Below are five tips that job seekers can use to ensure they are well prepared to present their best selves to a potential employer. Continue reading “Preparation Tips to Win Over the Employer”

Opportunities through Employment and Entrepreneurship

Today’s job market is filled with many opportunities for individuals to grow and advance in their career.  Leading job trend researchers predict that U.S. job openings will continue to hit new highs as employers are in robust demand for workers. Continue reading “Opportunities through Employment and Entrepreneurship”

Landing That Second Job

Many workers have come to the realization of how important having a 2nd job may be in the efforts of sustaining their household. With the government shutdown, many federal workers weren’t getting paid so they had to find ways to supplement their income.

Continue reading “Landing That Second Job”

All Labor Has Dignity

Today we celebrate Martin Luther King. Not just the man himself, but everything he taught and stood for. Why do we still celebrate him 51 years after his assassination? Although, the man himself has passed away, his dreams, ideals, actions and concern for humanity lives on. Martin Luther King’s legacy lives on. Continue reading “All Labor Has Dignity”