5 Common Resume Misconceptions Pt. 1

I have had the honor to serve as an employee of Workforce Solutions for over 25 years! Throughout that entire time, there is still much confusion about what information should and shouldn’t be on a resume. Resumes are opportunities to showcase and market your most unique knowledge, (job-specific) skills, and accomplishments. The goal is to get a shot at an interview and get a job offer.

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Home-Work The Hybrid Way

Hybrid is a term that was not used often to describe jobs as it does now. In the last two years, hybrid employment opportunities have grown exponentially due to the pandemic. With the workforce being out of the office for an extended period, more companies are taking a hybrid approach, especially since it shows that everyone does not have to be in the office for production, and some are even more productive at home. A hybrid workplace combines remote and office work and can be implemented in different ways. This approach saves companies money on facilities, operations, and personnel. One thing we can always count on – is companies’ love of saving money. So now that hybrid employment is here to stay, here are a few ways to improve your work-from-home productivity.

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Accessible PowerPoint Tips

Technology has dramatically expanded our access to knowledge. There are so many ways to share information with the public in mass. Microsoft PowerPoint is just one of the mediums available to distribute content to a broad audience. Everyone shares the responsibility of making this information accessible to as many people as possible. PowerPoint has many built-in and adaptive features that will help you to make your content appropriate for a broader audience.

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New Year’s resolutions in the workplace – do they work?

At the beginning of each year, many people make resolutions without ever intending to keep them. 25% of people who make New Year’s resolutions give them up by January 7, according to the Washington Post. Consider what you want to do and incorporate it into your life in a more process-based approach rather than creating a goal that is too broad or difficult to achieve without first breaking it down into pieces.

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