Finding a Job After Earning Your GED


Congratulations on earning your GED! After such an accomplishment, many new career options are available to you now. Whether you’re searching for a brand-new career or staying put in your current one, you now have the choice to decide which works best for you. With that being said, I want to give you some tips on how to find a job, advance in your current one, or get a better job after earning your GED.

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The Benefits of a Transcript Evaluation


As a Career Navigator, I have had the opportunity to meet adult ESL (English as a Second Language) students from various backgrounds and cultures. Many of these students had professional careers in their home country, but what they are doing now in the States is a lot different. Whether the student was a lawyer, businessperson, or banker in their domestic country, they have settled for minimum wage paid positions here in the US. I believe there is a major reason why.

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A New Beginning

Carolyn Kinard

A new beginning can mean different things depending on our situation. It could mean looking for a new job after being downsized, moving to a different city, state or country, entering a new phase of life after the loss of a loved one, changing careers, starting a business, or returning to school to complete a course of study. It can also mean developing a new mindset, attitude toward life and individuals we may have disagreed with in the past. Life is about change and embracing every day with new expectations. 

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