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The Do’s and Don’ts of Difficult Interview Questions

OmarPart 1
Interviewing: arguably the most impending fear of any job seeker. Whether looking to enter the workforce or in search of a new career opportunity, an interview is almost certain to happen. Yet two things remain true for job seekers: 1. Most don’t prepare effectively for an interview and 2. Most don’t prepare because they are unsure how to approach the “difficult questions” of interviewing – which all affects confidence. Continue reading ‘The Do’s and Don’ts of Difficult Interview Questions’

Real-World vs. College: How is the World of Work Different from what you Expected While in College?

As young adults we always saw the “real world” as light-years away. The struggles of taxes, bills, and housework, combined with the stressors of the corporate life looked like something in the far-off future. But here we are, fresh out of undergrad and entering our first job… and it’s different to say the least. There are overlapping scenarios between that of college life and that of real life; yet they are vastly different. Continue reading ‘Real-World vs. College: How is the World of Work Different from what you Expected While in College?’

Giving Thanks

Josie TothIf you’re going through difficult times right now, it might be hard to be in a thankful mood. Understandably so – during trials and tribulations, we tend to focus more on improving our situation than giving thanks. Continue reading ‘Giving Thanks’

Three Things They Don’t Teach You in School

And What You Can Do about it
Adulthood can’t come soon enough. Although we think we have many years to prepare, when it comes, we realize how unprepared we are. As you start your first job, you may realize all the things your teachers never taught you but are essential for adulthood. To help, I will share three things they don’t teach you in school (i.e., learning how to communicate and negotiate, understanding financial literacy, and health benefits) and what you can do to be proactive and begin to prepare for your future. Continue reading ‘Three Things They Don’t Teach You in School’