Full Circle


I am amazed at how life has brought me to destinations even with free will. My professional background included music, recruiting, and human services. In my early years, I focused on becoming the best musician possible.  My development required consistent listening, practicing, making music with others, and educating the next generation.  While I still maintained an active music life, I felt I needed to challenge myself to become well-rounded

One of the first assignments was employing myself as an amazon driver. Being an Amazon driver was the most physically demanding job I had ever had, but it reinforced the idea of consistency and process. These lessons became valuable at my next position as a recruiter for the same company. I was responsible for sourcing candidates that might be great future drivers.  This position changed the game for me by introducing the thought that I can be competitive beyond the music world.  

While I did appreciate the opportunity as a recruiter, I saw that the company was young.  I thought that this would cause job stability issues down the road, so I went to my local Workforce Solutions. This particular office was right next to a woodshop supply store that I would frequent regularly. While at the office, I met with an employment counselor who looked at my resume and said it needs lots of work.  She stated that she could help me if I were willing to put in some effort.  Over several days, I would revise and rework my resume until it was where it needed to be.  While job-searching with the employment counselor, she stated that I would be a good fit for Personal Service Representative (PSR).  

Even though my resume was great, I knew that my interviewing skills were rusty and needed some refining.  I worked with an employment counselor and attended job seminars.  There they went over the best practices for job seekers.  I was finally ready for the hiring event that I saw on workintexas.com.  With the help of Workforce Solutions services, I got the job as a PSR and would now become part of the team that helped me expand what I thought was possible.  

Through this position, I would learn all the services that are available to the public. The one that stuck out to me was the Work Investment Opportunity Act (WIOA) training program.  While learning about this program, I was able to help a family member who was interested in a career as a radiology technician. She is currently completing her final semester in the program and has three job offers and no student loan debt.  I also saw how customers of mine changed the trajectory of their lives through the WIOA program. 

Photo by Sanndy Anghan from Pexels

Early in my PSR career, I knew that there was more for me to do, and I looked for an opportunity to work beyond the local office.  That opportunity came in the form of an invitation to join the regional team. Here I would interact with current and former students of all ages to spread information about the many services available at Workforce Solutions.  I went from being clueless while shopping right next to the Cypress Station career office to becoming an ambassador for Workforce Solutions within the community. That is a full circle.   I attribute a large part of my success to the staff at my local Workforce Solutions.  They saw beyond my current situation and gave me the tools to capitalize on the opportunities that lied ahead.  If you are looking for a career change, don’t hesitate to reach out to your local office.  You can also go to wrksolutions.com to see the services we provide as well.

William McQueen is a Career Navigator for Workforce Solutions. He brings a wealth of experience as a former Personal Service Representative at one of the busiest offices within the region. Outside of his current role at Workforce Solutions, William is an active music educator and performer in the Houston area. He looks forward to contributing to the team, looking for ways to expand influence and working knowledge of the workforce system.

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