Accommodating Disabled Veterans on the Job


As we celebrate Veterans Day on November 11th, let’s remember the many veterans that are currently unemployed. These are great men and women who have defended our country and have returned home, some with a life changing impairment.  Statistics show that individuals with disabilities are the largest minority group, and it’s the only minority group that anyone can join after a life changing event.  In August 2009, about 2.8 million veterans, or 13 percent of the total, reported having a service-connected disability.  Below are two areas of disability that can impact the lives of our veterans.    Continue reading “Accommodating Disabled Veterans on the Job”

A Conversation with Bob (the Parrot Head): A Veteran’s Veteran

danny-0509Part 1 in a two-part series on Veteran Services.
I have the pleasure of being friend and family to many people who currently serve or have served in the Armed Forces.  It was therefore disheartening to watch a news special which addressed the number of returning servicemen and women who are entering civilian life after providing us a great duty, many directly on the battlefield, only to find they are faced with a tight job market.  On top of that, many veterans are faced with the challenge of identifying skills which will translate to the civilian world. Continue reading “A Conversation with Bob (the Parrot Head): A Veteran’s Veteran”

Tax Credits for Hiring Qualified Candidates?


 Did you know that hiring certain qualified applicants can also come with a financial incentive?  I’m talking about individuals with disabilities and those with other barriers to employment. These are individuals that meet your business need and show great potential for your company. Besides making a good employee they can also provide your company with some financial incentives. Continue reading “Tax Credits for Hiring Qualified Candidates?”