Job Market Lessons From Mom

CorneliusWhen thinking about Mother’s Day, most of us reflect on the things our mothers have done for us over the years and the sacrifices they’ve made to help us become who we are today. But how does that relate to employment? Continue reading “Job Market Lessons From Mom”

Tips for the Resourceful Job Seeker

Technology can be amazing, and often it can help make our lives a little easier. Sometimes, however, the hard part is trying to figure out “how to apply” this technology so it does help. Many people find this true when it comes to searching for a job. So while I don’t believe there can ever really be a “one stop shop” to answer all your questions, here are some resources that may prove helpful in providing some answers and direction to your job search efforts.
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Help! Help! My Employees Need Training

Lisa BoganySmall businesses are the backbone of the Gulf Coast business community. Often looked over, these 82,000+ employers, face the same labor force problems as large employers. How do I increase retention? How do I afford training in this economy? Are there any programs that can help? I have good news. Yes, there is “someone” looking out for the small business owner. Who may this hero be? Continue reading “Help! Help! My Employees Need Training”