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Giving Thanks…for a Disability?

DavidDuring the holidays, many people take time to reflect and give thanks. I am one of those people, and something I’m thankful for is my disability. Over the years, a majority of folks I know have wondered how I can be thankful for my disability. Now don’t get me wrong – if there was a cure, I’d be interested to learn about it, but the truth is that I AM thankful for my disability, and not just because I always get a good parking space.
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Counting Your Blessings

cherylIt’s Thanksgiving time. What a wonderful time of the year. Our temperatures are below 90 degrees, we see fall colors in some remote spots, the agony of another baseball season is through and we are on the roller coaster of being a Texan fan. Oh, that’s right my blog was going to be about counting our blessings. For Houstonians we better leave the sports arena quickly.
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Counting Our Blessings

Thanksgiving is the time of year to count our blessings, and share with our friends and families those things for which we are grateful. There are lots of statistics I’ve heard recently which drive home the fact that I can count myself among the priviledged. Continue reading ‘Counting Our Blessings’