Can’t Get a Job with Your Pants on the Ground

will-s-0209Summer Jobs and Youth
American Idol hopeful, Larry Platt caused quite a stir with his unforgettable performance because he was on crusade. As a dedicated civil rights advocate, Platt has championed many causes over the years this time his focus was the future of our youth. His motivation revolved around years of pent-up frustration after witnessing the youth who habitually wore sagging/baggy pants and other inappropriate clothing that he considered to be damaging to their future. Platt is the product of a generation that takes pride in the way they look and how they are perceived by others and felt that such attire failed on both fronts. Though he aged out of the competition, his message was received loud and clear by millions around the country who echoed his sentiments. Continue reading “Can’t Get a Job with Your Pants on the Ground”