Is Bigger Really Better?

We live in a world of B-I-G — supersize, jumbo size, upsize, the list goes on and on. For many of us this mind set translates through to our job search. We want to find a job with a nice B-I-G company because they offer more opportunities . . . Right?
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Common Pitfalls of the Fair Labor Standards Act

Lisa BoganyWhen employers contact the Employer Services Division for assistance with human resource questions, the subject matter usually involves the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). There seems to be certain areas of wage and hour law that cause more confusion for employers than others. Let’s review some of those pitfalls and some suggestions for avoiding or dealing with them. Continue reading “Common Pitfalls of the Fair Labor Standards Act”

Preferred but Definitely not Required Part 2

danny-0509A look at the top employer job sourcing mistakes.
I addressed two issues under this topic in a past blog and now present you with one more issue. The topic of providing documentation that demonstrates eligibility to work in the United States, the I-9 form documentation. This form is often misunderstood and poorly administered, especially by smaller businesses that do not always have a Human Resource content expert readily available on staff. Continue reading “Preferred but Definitely not Required Part 2”