Interviewing Boot Camp – Day 2

Photo 57 (2)Research
Skills Identification paints the world of interviewing in either a positive or negative light. Before an interview, your marketing tools (cover letters, resumes etc.) should show a firm knowledge of your job specific skills. This includes industry phrases, specific tools or technology used and key words of each position you document on your resume. Continue reading “Interviewing Boot Camp – Day 2”

Super Bowl: Engaging Your Competitive Spirit

CorneliusThe Super Bowl has many meanings to millions of people who will be watching this year. Some will watch for pure interest, some for the excitement of it all, while others will watch just for the commercials. For whatever reason, we have to recognize what the Super Bowl actually represents. Continue reading “Super Bowl: Engaging Your Competitive Spirit”

Your Research is Gold – Part 1

You’ve probably read or heard that RESEARCH is one of the most important things you need to do in your job search. You all know this because it’s just common sense. However, I can tell you story after story of people who regretted slacking on this vital part of their job search. So exactly how do you do research? Where do you start?
Continue reading “Your Research is Gold – Part 1”