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Lies by Omission, Permission and More (Part 2)

FriedaIn my last blog, we discussed three ways job-seekers ruin their own employment potential by making adjustments to the truth when completing job applications. The “Sample Platter, Educational Round Up” and “Excluding Employment Gaps,” were described in Lies by Omission, Permission & More, (Part 1). Today we will discuss three additional traps you should avoid when completing applications. Continue reading ‘Lies by Omission, Permission and More (Part 2)’

BFFs, MIAs, and other Bad References

A Quick Course on Job References
I worked a job fair last weekend, responsible for reviewing applications to make sure they were complete before candidates were considered for on-the-spot interviews. The employers required three references. I was shocked and appalled at the number of people who did not have reference information with them. I was also shocked at the quality of reference information others planned to share with employers. So, in order to prevent future shocking revelations, here are some tips for you on references.

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Do References Matter Anymore?

aleesa-0509When to provide references.

To reference or not to reference; that is the question. This topic seems to be attracting more and more attention since the economy has been on the downslide. So, do employers actually perform reference checks? Some employers emphasize that they fanatically check references on job seekers because they want the “cream of the crop” in today’s talent pool. Still others feel reference checks are time consuming, labor intensive, and unnecessary. Continue reading ‘Do References Matter Anymore?’