Good News: Finding a Job During a Crisis

Thelisa LavergneTypically, crises come with a lot of emotions about economics, employment, finances, etc., you get the picture. But there is good news! Landing a job during a crisis is not only probable but possible – so, why is this good news? Glad you asked. Continue reading “Good News: Finding a Job During a Crisis”

I AM Workforce Solutions

Diego TrevinoFive years ago, I began my career with Workforce Solutions as a greeter. Entering a new job can be exciting, or it can be terrifying. For me it was both. I was also 100 percent sure that this was going to be the easiest job ever. I was wrong. I immediately experienced being on the frontline, serving Workforce Solutions’ diverse population. Part of our goal is to help residents build careers in an inclusive manner, so that means we serve ALL residents. Continue reading “I AM Workforce Solutions”

Another Perspective

DavidI used to enjoy driving a pickup truck . . . and if you’re from Texas you know that once you drive a pickup truck, you never go back to a car. I enjoyed driving a pickup truck for one particular reason that may not be considered a “utility” reason, such as hauling dirt. No, my reason was so that I could have what I call “vertical therapy”. Continue reading “Another Perspective”