One of These Days . . .

If you are anything like me, as the new year starts, you spend time reflecting on what happened in the previous year – happy moments and sad; things you accomplished and those you didn’t; habits you picked up, broke, changed or improved.

This time of reflection is a great time to set up a plan for success for the coming year. Many people refer to these types of plans as New Year’s Resolutions. I personally don’t care for that term (only because I know myself). New Year’s Resolutions are those things I write down and then put in a drawer, leave in a notebook on a shelf, or lose completely.
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Resolving to Give Back

””January has always been a time for making resolutions for the New Year. It’s a time to think about the changes one would make in their life and then resolve to follow through on those changes.

Most people would like to break undesirable habits that might harm or disappoint them and strive to live a more successful and fulfilling life. One way to achieve this goal is to make a non-selfish 2015 new year’s resolution; help others and give back to society.
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Your Only New Year’s Resolution

danny-0509Taking a chance in 2011.
Two more weeks left in 2010 and all I can think about is how much Christmas shopping I have left because I once again procrastinated. And, again, I have vowed to not do this next year. Somehow I think I will fail in this goal for 2011. Nonetheless, there is one thing I do resolve every year…and it is one thing at which I always succeed. Continue reading “Your Only New Year’s Resolution”