My Network is Disconnected

danny-0509Overcoming common challenges in job search networking. I have rarely met an individual that embraces and adores what most see as the chore of networking. Networking is the act of meeting other individuals to share resources and hopefully propel your respective needs forward. This is purposefully a vague definition as networking comes in many forms and can serve many different purposes. Some people network to advance the sales of a product. Some network to simply get their name or their business’s name out there so that it is at the forefront of peoples’ minds. And of course, some people network as a necessity for job searching. Continue reading “My Network is Disconnected”

Do References Matter Anymore?

When to provide references.

To reference or not to reference; that is the question. This topic seems to be attracting more and more attention since the economy has been on the downslide. So, do employers actually perform reference checks? Some employers emphasize that they fanatically check references on job seekers because they want the “cream of the crop” in today’s talent pool. Still others feel reference checks are time consuming, labor intensive, and unnecessary. Continue reading “Do References Matter Anymore?”

Sometimes Old School Can Still Be Cool



This past summer, our nation celebrated the 40th anniversary of the moon landing. I can recall how proud everyone was to be an American at the time. We can still appreciate what an incredible achievement it was to land on the moon.

About the same time as men were landing on the moon, the process of job hunting included putting on a nice suit and going door-to-door, unannounced, to speak with employers. Continue reading “Sometimes Old School Can Still Be Cool”

Artistic Puddle-Jumpers

danny-0509Lessons learned from ingenious job seekers.

I want to share two of the great things I’ve seen on a resume and experienced in interviews recently.  The job market is indeed tough, but these people have made the challenge surmountable.  I’ve edited names of people and businesses for privacy. Continue reading “Artistic Puddle-Jumpers”