Giving Thanks…for a Disability?

DavidDuring the holidays, many people take time to reflect and give thanks. I am one of those people, and something I’m thankful for is my disability. Over the years, a majority of folks I know have wondered how I can be thankful for my disability. Now don’t get me wrong – if there was a cure, I’d be interested to learn about it, but the truth is that I AM thankful for my disability, and not just because I always get a good parking space.
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Meeting Life’s Challenges: The Story of Garland Hill

Photo 57 (2)Working as a navigator at Workforce Solutions allows me the opportunity to work with many inspiring individuals. Recently, I was introduced to one such customer who has chosen to meet life’s challenges through his own special blend of tenacity, spirituality and encouragement! He spoke of the many benefits of combining Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services (DARS) and Workforce Solutions Services; both agencies were paramount in helping him reach his employment goals.
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