The Tricks of Tweets

Using Twitter for Your Job Search
It’s a well-known fact that there are more people today accessing the Internet via mobile technology than with a desktop or laptop computer. This means that your tablets, iPads, eReaders, mobile phones, and PDAs (does anyone really use these anymore?) are the primary means for accessing the wealth of information on the Internet. Why is this relevant for your job search?

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There’s an App for That, Sorta

mikeI’m going to go all geeky and tech guy on you in this installment, so you will have to forgive me.

To track internet usage over the last decade, the Pew Institute publishes an annual report on how and what people are doing on the internet.

The 2012 report has added an interesting dynamic to digital consumer society — mobile devices.  This year has seen a huge uptick in mobile internet usage as more users are accessing the internet via a smartphone, laptop or tablet as opposed to a desktop computer. Such devices have created a wider market for internet consumption in ways not even seen in the 1990’s.

Therefore, companies have been racing to develop new applications, or apps, to meet the needs of their customers. No longer do consumers solely use the internet via mobile devices to search and email. Now, they are consuming– buying goods, seeking education, and devouring entertainment. These changes among digital consumers made me wonder just what affect such changes are having on the employment industry. Continue reading “There’s an App for That, Sorta”