Truth or Consequences

will-s-0209The truth about print and online job ads.
As a workforce development professional, I constantly get questions from job seekers about the scores of job openings listed in newspapers, magazines, and employment publications around town. Most people express the frustration of never hearing anything back after responding to these job openings. Continue reading “Truth or Consequences”

Avoiding Communication Faux Pas

ClaudiaAccording to the Office of Disability Employment Policy, when the national unemployment rate was 10.1 the rate for those with disabilities was 13.9. With this group reflecting an almost 4 point higher rate of unemployment than the general population, there is a strong likelihood that you are also screening candidates disabilities. Would you like some suggestions to improve your communication with these job seekers? Continue reading “Avoiding Communication Faux Pas”

Myths: Mental Illness and Job Searching

Claudia In my 3 years as a Disability Navigator I have had the opportunity to work with job seekers, employers, and staff members. Along the way, I have encountered a number of people with questions regarding mental illness and job readiness. It is the wise person who asks if what they have “heard” is, in truth, a fact or a myth. Today, I would like to be a “myth buster” and share some information with you regarding mental illness. Continue reading “Myths: Mental Illness and Job Searching”

Now You’re Hired, Now Your Not


After months of job searching, you finally receive an outstanding offer from a company you’ve been targeting for what seems like an eternity. The salary is great, the commute is reasonable, and the company appears stable.

Then just days before you are set to begin your new job, you receive another call from the HR representative.  You learn that after further consideration the department manager has decided to move in another direction leaving you in a quandary. Continue reading “Now You’re Hired, Now Your Not”