How ‘bout them apples?!


– highlighting the right success at the right time on interviews and in resumes
In a previous life, I had the challenging role of working on the management team of a corporation’s new business unit. In short, I was in charge of doing all the initial interviewing and hiring. While this was generally a fun job, sadly I had to unfortunately turn away many people because they simply did not know how to sell their job skills appropriately. Continue reading “How ‘bout them apples?!”

Let’s ALL go to the Fair!

Benefits of Attending Career Fairs

Have you ever been to a career fair? I’m not talking about the one that you may have been forced to attend in school. I’m talking about a public hiring event where employers gather at a large venue and interview on the spot. Continue reading “Let’s ALL go to the Fair!”

How to Job Search and Get a Job

A series on how to survive the pink slip.

So you have accepted the fact that, for whatever reason, you are the victim of a pink slip. You’ve now come to the realization that you have to move on to another job… Continue reading “How to Job Search and Get a Job”