Avoiding the Dragon

Preparing informed responses to behavioral interview questions

danny-z-02091Preparing informed responses to behavioral interview questions

I’m going to date myself a little bit, but who remembers Choose Your Own Adventure books? You know, where you were an international spy – ooh! – or better yet, a dragon slayer, trying to save the fair maiden (why are fair maidens always lost, in high unreachable towers, or trapped by big scary creatures? Geez…high maintenance). Continue reading “Avoiding the Dragon”

Standing Tall in the Face of Turbulence

One of the biggest challenges facing employees during an economic downturn is how to react when your job status might be in jeopardy.

Keeping your game face might save your job.  will-s-0209

Rumors that your company is in peril have been running rampant around the office for weeks. Many employees are in panic mode. Continue reading “Standing Tall in the Face of Turbulence”

Say Hello to My Little Friend

danny-z-02091Developing a Personal Marketing Plan
I’m letting you in on an insider secret – one of my favorite tools to apply to many aspects of my life: Danny’s Superstar Marketing Plan (aka, My Little Friend). Continue reading “Say Hello to My Little Friend”