Getting to Know Your Work Values

Our work values influence our job search, whether we realize it or not. Work values, defined by O*NET Data, are “global aspects of work that are important to a person’s satisfaction.” While there are many work values, let’s review the six that O*NET Data refers to as “universal work values”:

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Work Routine: It all starts with an alarm

Do you have a hard time getting your day started? Do you ever find yourself pressing the snooze button and rushing out the door for work? If this happens to you quite often, you need a wake-up call to get into a routine! I have suggestions to improve your work routine and professionalism to stay employed, feel more structured, and improve relationships. Even if you don’t work in person and have a Monday through Friday job, this can apply to anyone wanting to improve their work performance.

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Who are you? But it’s not what you think…

(Breath in…Breath out) You are about to start an interview, and they ask you the notorious question: Can you tell me a little about yourself? A loaded question phrased in only a few words. Thinking about this question might sometimes leave you wondering where to even begin. This question is usually the first one asked in interviews. That is why practicing before the interview is critical. Practice makes it close to perfect and will help when you mess up while doing a mock interview. Also, not knowing how to answer this question is normal, but here I am to tell you these seven tips that will help you stand out and land the job.

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Don’t Let an ATS Control YOUR Fate

Searching for a job can be one of the most frustrating and challenging things one can experience. Whether looking for a career change, searching for your first job, or somewhere in between, job searching can bring about headaches for all of us. Speaking from experience, I decided to leave a career of 23 years to find something new; this was a time of uncertainty, doubt, and frustration. As I was going through a career change, it reminded me that looking for a job requires considering many factors. Since my last job search, one crucial factor that has changed is how companies screen resumes. Many companies have begun using Applicant Tracking System software that streamlines their resume screening process by searching for keywords, phrases, and formats that the companies have programmed. This system finds the qualifications within the resume and selects the most competitive candidates for an interview.

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