I Talked Myself to Caesar’s Palace

danny-0509Networking and Educational Development via Industry Associations. I have the pleasure of being in a great professional organization or two. One of these I have mentioned previously, the Society for Human Resource Management or SHRM. I am a member of this association because my daily work involves workforce planning and development, a key focus area of the Human Resource profession. The organization serves as a hub of information for me, allowing me to remain “tapped in” to the current local information, the reception of that information from the industry, and the feedback being provided real-time. In other words, being involved in this association keeps me “current.” Continue reading “I Talked Myself to Caesar’s Palace”

Monkey Business Can be a Good Thing

will-s-0209Exploring Guerilla Job Search Tactics
With the current national unemployment rate still hovering around 10 percent, some job seekers are taking more aggressive approaches to stand apart from the competition. Continue reading “Monkey Business Can be a Good Thing”