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Deck the Hall, Trim the Tree, and Party Like It’s an Interview

cherylLike an interview? You weren’t expecting to party like that, were you? Well, if you are attending an office party this holiday season, you should approach it with just that much care. Party animal and “rising young executive” are not usually synonymous. So how do we handle that office party? Approach it like an interview for your next promotion, because it just could be. Continue reading ‘Deck the Hall, Trim the Tree, and Party Like It’s an Interview’

Holiday Rush

Exploring Seasonal Jobs
When most people think about the holiday rush, they are envisioning the massive crowds hitting the stores, especially on the infamous day known as Black Friday. This truly is the busiest time of year for retail establishments. It can be a “make it or break it” season that determines the end of year bottom line. Continue reading ‘Holiday Rush’

The Master Application – Express Yourself

JoAnn KawamotoYou have completed your resume(s), and created cover and thank you letter shells. Now you are applying for jobs, awaiting replies.  What else could possibly be needed for your job search?

In this time between jobs, start building your Master Application — an invaluable personal reference document you develop that is all about YOU and kept only by YOU. Continue reading ‘The Master Application – Express Yourself’

Don’t Let the Door Hit You

cherylMaking an exit strategy for leaving a job.
In my last blog, Take the Hint, I wrote about the warning signs that it may be time to leave a job. Today, let’s look at a strategy for making a good, smooth exit from a company. Your exit strategy can be just as important as your first days on a new job, so think before you act. Continue reading ‘Don’t Let the Door Hit You’

Your Research is Gold – Part 3

How have you been doing since my last blog on researching employers? I will now show you other resources where you can find information on companies as part of your job search.
Continue reading ‘Your Research is Gold – Part 3’

Take the Hint

cherylHow to know when to go. Not all employers are adept at letting people go. For the most part, firing someone is an employer’s least favorite thing to do. Plus, there is the aspect quiting vs. firing and Unemployment Benefits, but that’s a whole other blog. However, sometimes when an employer is getting ready to make a change, he or she will give “hints” that you should think about moving on. I’ll share seven signs with you that it may be time to start hunting for a new job. Continue reading ‘Take the Hint’

Follow Your…What?

JoAnn KawamotoFollow Your Passion!” Throughout the years, this advice is a well-worn one in the world of careers.

The assumption is personal passion will motivate an individual to focus on a career goal and sustain him or her until it is attained. It’s a step by step planning, preparation and growth phases, which could take years. As we all know, anything of value is worth working for.

However, what if a person is passionate about many things? How would they choose? Once a choice was made and the passion wanes, should they still continue on the same path or find another passion to pursue? Should the pursuit of a career last only as long as the passion? Continue reading ‘Follow Your…What?’