Diving into the Talent Pool

An Employer’s Guide to Finding the Right Candidates in Today’s Job Market
Current figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics indicate that nationwide we are averaging an unemployment rate of about 7.3%. Based on these figures, employers should expect to get a good number of candidates applying for any opening they post. As an employer, you might be wondering why you are either not getting enough candidates or not getting the right candidates.
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It’s in the Details

Lisa BoganyIn a day and age where an employer’s time and resources are precious it is best to maximize every phase of the hiring process to streamline the process. Therefore, the job postings should be written to attract the high quality candidate that employers desire, rather than just a high quantity of candidates. Continue reading “It’s in the Details”

To Disclose or Not to Disclose

As the Disability Navigator for Workforce Solutions, I’ve been asked by job seekers and staff how to disclose a disability to a potential employer. More often, job seekers with disabilities that are not visible have the hardest time deciding when to disclose their disability.  After much research and speaking to disability advocates, I have learned that there is no right or wrong answer; it’s a personal decision that only the job seeker can make. There is an overwhelming amount of information out there. I will share with you some tips that can be useful when deciding to disclose a disability to a potential employer. Continue reading “To Disclose or Not to Disclose”