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Please, Bring Me that Pie. I Need to Slam it into My Face.

A guaranteed way to fail the interview opener.

Let’s get to the point quickly folks. You’ve invested time and energy in tailoring the perfect resume. You get that much cherished call to come in for an interview. You invest more time and energy in tailoring your appearance and practicing the perfect confident (but not arrogant) handshake. You know your skills. You can boast a self-assured smile. You have the cordial laugh down to a science. And then you come into the interview room, pick up a nice lemon meringue pie and slam it directly into your face. Continue reading ‘Please, Bring Me that Pie. I Need to Slam it into My Face.’

Hiring That Perfect Person

I’ve been talking to employers lately who are looking for workers again after a lengthy hiatus from the whole hiring process. Here are some hints to assist you in finding the right person for your job. First, take time to review your hiring strategies and make sure they are helping, not hindering you.

Continue reading ‘Hiring That Perfect Person’

Whatever Happened to My Friend Bob?

In a previous article entitled, “…My Company Let Me Go Today,” I talked about my friend Bob. He had recently lost his job and was struggling with how to move forward. Bob went into a real funk, but I was able to give him some tips on how to proceed for a productive job search. Continue reading ‘Whatever Happened to My Friend Bob?’

Dumbing Down a Resume: Is It Smart?

Often people with excellent job skills and extensive years of work experience sit with me and complain that their job search is stretching out far too long. They begin to consider taking jobs below their level of expertise just to make ends meet. Their first questions to me are “What should I do about my resume? Should I dumb down my experience and qualifications to get a lesser level position?” Continue reading ‘Dumbing Down a Resume: Is It Smart?’