Who are you? But it’s not what you think…

(Breath in…Breath out) You are about to start an interview, and they ask you the notorious question: Can you tell me a little about yourself? A loaded question phrased in only a few words. Thinking about this question might sometimes leave you wondering where to even begin. This question is usually the first one asked in interviews. That is why practicing before the interview is critical. Practice makes it close to perfect and will help when you mess up while doing a mock interview. Also, not knowing how to answer this question is normal, but here I am to tell you these seven tips that will help you stand out and land the job.

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Can Employers Ask That? Identifying and responding to illegal job interview questions, innocent or otherwise.

Putting your picture, listing your marital status, age, or religious affiliation on your resume is appropriate in other countries. However, this practice makes American Human Resource staff shriek in horror.

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The Most Important Question…Tell Me About Yourself

Thelisa LavergneThe Tell Me About…question is one of the most common starting point for the majority of interviews.  These infamous words, “Tell Me About…..” is the interviewer’s opportunity to begin what is called a series of open ended questions, geared toward getting the dialogue between you and the interviewer started.  Continue reading “The Most Important Question…Tell Me About Yourself”

Happy Anniversary Blogforce

This year marks the 10th anniversary for our blog. Yes, that means it’s time to celebrate! In ten years a myriad of changes have taken place, such as the popularity of blogging, social media and the way we use both to stay informed and find jobs. No longer are the days where we have to travel from company to company dropping off resume’s and filling out application. Today, you can sit at home, log onto your computer and apply to dozens of jobs before dinner. Oh, how times have changed.

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