Ten Employers Resolutions for the New Year

Lisa BoganyAs the year comes to a close and employers begin preparing for the upcoming fiscal year, I begin to think about my employers who consistently call and email me for Human Resource advice. I wonder, “Will they have the same issues next year? How can they avoid the same personnel problems?” With those questions in mind, I came up with my top ten New Year’s resolutions for employers. Following these rules will definitely put my employers a step ahead of the competition. Continue reading “Ten Employers Resolutions for the New Year”

People First?


Four years ago in October, I started this journey of Disability Navigator for Workforce Solutions. During this time, I have learned and trained many individuals on how to hire, communicate, and work with people with disabilities. This has been a job applicable to not only the work place but life as a whole. While watching the news a few weeks ago, I saw a story about a runner with no vision and the title of the story was “Blind Runner.” I know we all have labels, but do you want to be called by your label or be considered an individual first? I would not want to be called “Short Person” for the rest of my life. However, there are other phrases that can be more hurtful than calling someone short. Here are some things I’ve learned about communicating with individuals with disabilities. Continue reading “People First?”