Maintaining a Positive Mindset During Uncertain Times

Omicron, the most recent Coronavirus variant, has been sweeping its way across the U.S. nation. Americans battle internally with maintaining a positive mindset during these uncertain times.  Employees and parents may wonder when things will return to “normal“ and not have to worry about wearing masks, deciding whether to send children to school or wrestling with the thought of a vaccine mandate.

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Fuel Your Energy Bus

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“If you want to change your situation, you must first change your thoughts.” Having a grateful and positive mind can significantly impact your life personally and on the job. If you aspire to succeed in your career, your energy and response to difficult circumstances play an important role. 

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Career Wish List

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Fellow reader, I ask that you sing along with me, “All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth, my two front teeth!” Cheesy right, but this song has traveled across generations and is still sung today to many children. You are probably asking yourself what I am getting at well; I want you to reflect on such a song because I want you to know wants, dreams, and goals are not only for children.

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S.A.V.O.R. The Time

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It is that time of year set aside to give thanks; as for me, it is a reminder to ALWAYS be thankful. This year I dug even deeper into my heart. Last week I attended a conference, and the keynote speaker, repeated a quote by Scott O’Neil. She quoted, “Be Where Your Feet Are,” and then asked the audience what we thought that meant and what we thought about the quote. My co-attendees responded and expounded on their thoughts but, I kept my thoughts internal and marinated on that quote for the next five days.

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