What They Never Taught Me in Ed. School

mike As a high school senior, I had already figured out exactly what I wanted to do in life.

I remember sitting in a small desk in a poorly-lit classroom just about to fall asleep to a teacher’s lecture on commas when it hit me in a flash, “I could do this so much better than the teacher!” After this flash of brilliance, I began mapping out on my paper not the 52 rules of using commas, but a self-made, interactive lesson plan that would get students interested in using commas—well, as interesting as students can get in commas. In any event, it was then and there that I decided teaching was my vocation. Continue reading “What They Never Taught Me in Ed. School”

Dead Man Walking

will-s-0209Exploring high skill/high growth occupations.

As the economy continues to sputter along more people are beginning to ponder their career options. Over two million jobs were put to rest during the past 24 months and some fields have been hit harder than others. If your current industry has been hit hard, it may be time to take a closer look at other occupational alternatives. Continue reading “Dead Man Walking”