Mind, Body, and a Toolbox?

will-s-0209Strategies to lower your stress.

After experiencing one of the coolest winters in recent memory, the warmer months are finally here. Spring training has started in baseball while college students are crowding the roads for spring break. This is also about the time of year when those earlier plans to become more fit have been abandoned. I have proof of this because it now takes me less time to find a parking space at my gym each evening. Continue reading “Mind, Body, and a Toolbox?”

Top 5 Work Gifts

Work appropriate holiday giving revisited.

Here it is again…holiday time, how the heck did 2009 go by so fast?  The holiday season has inevitably snuck up on me, and that means one thing: SHOPPING!  I’m always looking for ideas for my gift giving, especially since the people I love giving presents to are very hard to buy for.  With the budget tight this year, like many of us, I am looking for unique and inexpensive deals, too.  Whether you love or loath the hobby, ‘tis the season for gift giving and so I pose the question, what’s work appropriate gifting? Continue reading “Top 5 Work Gifts”

An Eye on Fitness – Part 2


will-s-0209Staying in Game Shape between Jobs


During a recent networking outing, I had an engaging conversation with a job seeker (for the sake of this blog, let’s just call her Eve). Eve had recently received her third layoff notice in five years. Faced with escalating bills, a mortgage, and a twenty-something recent college graduate under her roof, Eve needed to find a job soon. She wanted to transition into another field, bringing along the host of skills and key professional attributes that made her a successful commodity in the workforce the past 25 years. Continue reading “An Eye on Fitness – Part 2”

An Eye on Fitness

Part One: Keeping in game shape can help you ride through the turbulence will-s-0209

Many are dealing with elevated stress levels because of the volatility in the economy. Some of us are out of work or have been forced to take on increased workloads because of cutbacks. Good fitness habits combat the negative effects of stress and improve self confidence for both job seekers and employees.

Continue reading “An Eye on Fitness”