Overcoming On-boarding in a New Work Role

Chris JacksonLast year in mid-December, I began my new role as a Regional Facilitator for Workforce Solutions! My responsibility is to be a motivator, an enthusiast, and a poised and guided “professional talker!” In actuality, my background as a technology trainer/teacher prepared me for this role. The only obstacle was to apply these skills to the non-profit world. Continue reading “Overcoming On-boarding in a New Work Role”

Trick or Treat? Distinguishing One from the Other

CorneliusDuring Halloween, children knock on doors and wait for someone to answer them so that “Trick or Treat” can be shouted and candy given/received. Kids dress in costume and visit neighbors’ homes, and although they scream trick or treat, no one expects to get tricked. Really, all we want is the treat. Continue reading “Trick or Treat? Distinguishing One from the Other”

The Boss is Coming

Lisa Bogany

I recently received a phone call from an employer who was frustrated with his employees’ frequent computer use, or better said, misuse. After allowing him to vent, I learned that the employees were using various social networking websites which not only slowed down his computer network, but left his clients waiting for assistance. Continue reading “The Boss is Coming”