Urban Legends of Employment

Lisa BoganyThere are several misconceptions about Texas employment law that are held by both employers and workers. Many of these misunderstandings come from the differences between Texas laws and other states’ laws. Over the next few blogs I will introduce some of the most common legends and briefly outline the current Texas and federal laws relating to employment. Continue reading “Urban Legends of Employment”

Am I Protected Under the ADA?


During the last three years as a Disability Navigator, I have received many calls from people that have self diagnosed and feel that they should be receiving Social Security benefits for their disability. While I’m not the expert, I have learned to understand that the definition of “disability” can be complex and varies according to its context. Continue reading “Am I Protected Under the ADA?”

High as a Kite – Firing an Employee on Drugs


If you fire an employee because you say she was “high” on drugs, you may still have to pay unemployment claims. You must prove five facts to establish misconduct in an unemployment claims case. Without these five elements, you are not likely to overcome the claimant’s sworn denial of drug use because legally, she is her own best witness. Continue reading “High as a Kite – Firing an Employee on Drugs”

Seeking a Shawshank Redemption

will-s-0209Dealing with a criminal record while job seeking.

Finding a job these days is tough for everyone, but having a criminal offense on your record makes it an even more daunting task.  In this “employer’s market” they have a certain leverage and opportunity to be extremely selective in hiring. With an abundance of job seekers employers must determine if hiring a candidate with an imperfect background is worth the risk of a law suit or perhaps exorbitant hikes in insurance premiums. Continue reading “Seeking a Shawshank Redemption”