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Truckers, Cell Phones, and the Long Highway

As of January 3, 2012, the Department of Transportation adopted a new rule restricting use of hand-held mobile phones and devices by interstate commercial motor vehicle (CMV) drivers – or truck drivers as we more usually call them.  Intrastate hazardous materials drivers are also covered.  Specifically, the rule says no reaching for or holding mobile phones, and no pushing more than one button to operate phones while driving a commercial motor vehicle. Continue reading ‘Truckers, Cell Phones, and the Long Highway’

Attention, All Employers

Get Ready and Set To Post a New Required Notice for Your Employees. It’s official – the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) has issued a mandate that all covered employers must post a new Notice of Employee Rights for their employees, no later than January 31, 2012, notifying them of their rights to unionize. Continue reading ‘Attention, All Employers’

Let’s Party! How to Celebrate the Holidays Merrily — Litigation-Free

It’s that time – the holidays are here! Many companies traditionally sponsor a party to celebrate. Time to review a few guidelines to insure you don’t wind up entangled in nasty personnel situations, or worse yet, in litigation.

Continue reading ‘Let’s Party! How to Celebrate the Holidays Merrily — Litigation-Free’

Labor Relations, Unionization and You, the Employer

Lockouts, mediation, players union vs. owners, no games – are you feeling the gap left by the NBA basketball standoff? I am! All the commotion though, has brought to mind information employers need to know. The National Labor Relations Board has issued a new Final Rule affecting all employers covered by the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA). What does this have to do with striking basketball players? Everything! Continue reading ‘Labor Relations, Unionization and You, the Employer’

Independent Contractor – Really?


What do many of us have in common nowadays? Yeah, empty pockets and a crying need for money, money, money – and that includes your government. In the search for dollars, employers’ misclassification of employees as independent contractors beckons as a legitimate source of lost funds. So, the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) Unemployment Tax Division and the IRS both have an interest in worker-classification issues. It may be tempting to assume your workers are independent contractors and blithely pass on the responsibility for Social Security, Medicaid, Unemployment, and other payroll taxes. Best be sure of your classification though, because when one of the agencies comes knocking, they can collect not only back taxes but impose fines for your errors. Witness the $319 million fine the IRS slapped on FedEx! Continue reading ‘Independent Contractor – Really?’

The ADA in the USA Helps Us Every Day

Claudia July 26th we celebrated the 21st anniversary of the signing of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). I shared this with friends and family on Facebook and Twitter and to my surprise, not many of them acknowledged or even “liked” my status. I have to admit, due to my job and personal reasons, I have become more knowledgeable about the ADA. Today, I’m sharing the basics to remind others how the ADA affects our daily lives and employment. Continue reading ‘The ADA in the USA Helps Us Every Day’

Unemployment Benefits and Applying for Social Security Disability Benefits?

Claudia The question of applying for Social Security Disability Benefits while on or applying for State Unemployment Benefits comes up more often these days. Some individuals might think this would be a good option for them, after all, you are unemployed, have a disability that will impact your life for 12 months and/or lead to death, need to cover bills, haven’t been successful yet in finding a job, and it can take a long time for your Social Security Disability benefits to get approved. Shouldn’t there be an easy answer? Continue reading ‘Unemployment Benefits and Applying for Social Security Disability Benefits?’