Diving into the Talent Pool

An Employer’s Guide to Finding the Right Candidates in Today’s Job Market
Current figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics indicate that nationwide we are averaging an unemployment rate of about 7.3%. Based on these figures, employers should expect to get a good number of candidates applying for any opening they post. As an employer, you might be wondering why you are either not getting enough candidates or not getting the right candidates.
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Management 101

One important aspect of a job search is conducting research and gathering clues about what the atmosphere and management style are like within a particular company or organization. Understanding the work environment can mean the difference between walking into a Dream Job or a total Nightmare!
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Saving Somebodies

An Oldie But Goodie – Reposted from January 19, 2009

“All week we’ve been nobodies, but we’ve punched the clock, let’s go be somebody!”  Listening to the radio (yes, Virginia, there is still such a thing in the car), I contemplated the sentiment expressed in the song above, and all I could think was what an utter failure that employer is. All right, so maybe I’m a work wonk if I can’t even lip synch a song without thinking of employment, but that whole refrain is so pitiful. “All week we’ve been nobodies…” – pathetic that employees spend that amount of time feeling lower than dirt.
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Cyber World and Job Searching

cherylDo you remember when going viral meant there was some kind of infectious disease going around? For those a bit in the dark, today “going viral” means that your blog, video, or some other cyber communication is being seen by a whole lot of people on the Internet. Today, that could be a good thing…or not. It all depends on how you are viewed in the Cyber World. Let’s see what that has to do with searching for a job. Continue reading “Cyber World and Job Searching”