Back to Reality

Carolyn KinardNow that the NFL Super Bowl is over, the citizens of Houston are returning to their normal lifestyles, which means managing the realities of life without the fun and excitement of celebrities and fun activities associated with the big game.

Many are anticipating an uncertain future due to a pending job layoff. It’s a known fact that the job hunting process can be an unpleasant experience for those who are not prepared to deal with it.

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Dress for Success

””Does it really make a difference how you dress for your next job interview?

I recently asked this question to a group of prospective job applicants, and I was astonished to hear some of their answers.

Many of them said it was perfectly fine to wear blue jeans or wrinkled clothes with their pants falling down. Some even thought it was acceptable to show up wearing a sweat suit and sneakers!

Just so you know, that’s not acceptable. Don’t do it!
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What’s in Your Closet?

Photo 57 (2)There comes a time when, male or female, you look into your closet and realize your clothes may not fit your new job or worse yet, they don’t fit you! You were able to fake it between interviews because most of the employers saw you only once. You wore that same suit to every interview because the companies were different and no one was the wiser, right? Never fear, you can still maintain your colorful personality and charming individual style by using a common sense approach to updating your closet.
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Should My Toe Nail Polish Match My Flip Flops?

Insider secret to summertime dress for success for women.

I love summer. Really, I do. It is my favorite time of the year (seasonally speaking, besides Christmas of course). I look forward to the summer months all year long. The warm sun, the clear skies, full and lush landscapes, flowers in bloom and, of course, the ever so stifling Houston humidity. But, what I love the most is the new fashion styles that arrive with the weather changes…and with weather changes clothes can become more and more ultramodern. Here are some insider tips to staying chic and professional in the work place while it’s hot outside. Continue reading “Should My Toe Nail Polish Match My Flip Flops?”