Get It Covered

cherylI find that when it comes to reading cover letters there are two types of people; those who read every detail and those who completely ignore them and go straight to the resume. So, what’s a job seeker to do? The key is to write as if they will read it, but don’t count on it. Here are some tips on how to increase the chances of having cover letters read.
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If it Ain’t Baroque…

Identifying Added-Value in Your Marketing Tool Kit. I am a classically trained musician. I play all wind instruments with some fluency and can conduct a large orchestra through Shostakovich Symphony Number 5 (my dream…New York Phil, call me!). From my training, I learned that not all classical music is the same. I discovered I enjoyed the Baroque period of music — music that was excessively gilded, ornate, and “flowery.” Simply put, the Baroque period took a simple melody and dressed it up.

Okay, your music lesson is over. The reason I mentioned this musical reference is because in teaching my Cover Letter class recently I found that we became engrossed in a conversation on added-value…or, to complete the reference, taking an otherwise adequate item and making it “Baroque” – in this case, taking a skill or value-item and making it MORE valuable by providing more detail of worth to the employer. Continue reading “If it Ain’t Baroque…”