Real-World vs. College: How is the World of Work Different from what you Expected While in College?

As young adults we always saw the “real world” as light-years away. The struggles of taxes, bills, and housework, combined with the stressors of the corporate life looked like something in the far-off future. But here we are, fresh out of undergrad and entering our first job… and it’s different to say the least. There are overlapping scenarios between that of college life and that of real life; yet they are vastly different. Continue reading “Real-World vs. College: How is the World of Work Different from what you Expected While in College?”

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Velta WorleyWhen you were in junior high or high school, what type of career did you want? Were you looking at college, and if so, how did you decide what to major in? I realize that my own high school experience was lacking in both reality and guidance towards the future. Very often our decisions are made based on what we see around us, what’s popular at the time, or even influenced by family and friends. Continue reading “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

Upskill Houston

Diego TrevinoHigh Skill, High Growth Jobs!
Attention (potential) job candidates of the Houston-Galveston Region. The Gulf Coast is thriving. Those who live here are enjoying one of the best labor markets in the world. Those who do not live here are moving in. Continue reading “Upskill Houston”

JP Morgan Chase Summer Institutes 2016

Kristin ColeJoAnn KawamotoWhat a Summer!
At the 2016 JP Morgan Chase Summer Institutes, Workforce Solutions, partnering with Project GRAD and local community colleges, offered high school students an experience like no other. Continue reading “JP Morgan Chase Summer Institutes 2016”