Gift Wrapping Ideas

CorneliusI’ve been working with several young adults who feel that they don’t have the skills employers are looking for in the workplace.

When we come across these young people, we remind them that they likely have a great number of skills, but they often get overlooked because they don’t seem like actual “employability skills.”

What we need to be able to do is gift wrap our skills so that employers see them as strengths or gifts to their organization/company. Let’s discuss how we can do that effectively. Continue reading “Gift Wrapping Ideas”

The “G” Man Myth Buster

cherylWhen I hear the term “G-man”, pictures go through my head of Eliot Ness and the Untouchables out to stop Al Capone and busting down doors of speakeasies, or the “Men in Black” zapping bugs that are trying to take over Earth. No doubt, these sound like exciting government jobs, but there are many different job opportunities with the federal government that are often overlooked. So how can you become a “G-man” and find one of these government jobs?
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