Turn Work into a Summer Adventure

Surf’s up, and beneath your feet you feel the warmth of white, luxurious sand. Sound inviting? Well if you are going to work a summer job, why not be adventurous and do it in paradise?

Summertime not only opens up some longterm employment opportunities, but it also offers some seasonal fun time jobs, too…on cruise ships, as tour guides, at summer camps and national parks. Continue reading “Turn Work into a Summer Adventure”

Engineers and Teachers – Connecting for the Future

mikeTwenty miles off the coast of Texas, you stand on a platform and look down to the ocean far beneath you. In a minute or two, you go inside a room to check out some computer simulations and underwater video. You need to problem-solve a new drilling tool that will pierce the ocean floor in hopes of extracting oil. You’ll oversee most of the construction of the drilling mechanism and probably most of the actual extraction. This process may take a long time, and you could be on that platform for three weeks or three months. There’s no clear way to know. People across the globe are counting on what you do—each and every move you make. The pressure is wearisome; but then again, you did your time in school to get here. Now your mind goes back to some of those teachers who helped make this possible. Continue reading “Engineers and Teachers – Connecting for the Future”

“Only the Currently Employed Need Apply”

That’s how the advertisement begins.  After you pick yourself up and dust off your bruised ego, you wonder if such a statement is legal, or even moral.  Whatever it is, you are seeing it more and more in employment ads these days. Continue reading ““Only the Currently Employed Need Apply””