Budgeting – Sounds Like the Grinch

Velta WorleyBudgeting conjures up bad four-letter words – like diet, fear, gain, loss, and plan. I need to create a spending plan? I should follow how much loss and gain I have over a period of time? I’m going on a diet, a financial diet – again? I might as well forget it because diets don’t work, therefore budgets don’t work, and I have a lot of fear that I will fail miserably at keeping a budget. Yikes! This sounds like the Grinch who stole Christmas and beyond. Continue reading “Budgeting – Sounds Like the Grinch”

When Ho, Ho, Ho Feels Like Oh, No, No

cherylChristmas is but days away and perhaps you are feeling a bit more like Scrooge before the midnight visitors. Maybe the Ghost of Christmas Present shows you job hunting and you are concerned that the Ghost of the Future will show the same. Part of the concern is you would really love to give gifts but can’t afford them. You figure, no job equals no gifts. I say no way! Before you let one “Bah, humbug” roll out of your mouth, here are some gifting ideas that may put the twinkle back in the tree’s star without having to hock Santa’s reindeer. Continue reading “When Ho, Ho, Ho Feels Like Oh, No, No”