Interviewing Boot Camp – Day 5

Photo 57 (2)Final Tips

The following are some final tips to include in our week long Interviewing Boot Camp sessions. Although these may be some final thoughts of our week long series, they are by no means less important. Continue reading “Interviewing Boot Camp – Day 5”

Interviewing Boot Camp – Day 4

Photo 57 (2)Any Questions?
If you’ve done your research and know how to (verbally) describe your KSA’s, you’re on your way to acing an interview!

Your ability to do so will determine offers. The purpose of the interview is to determine fit and get the job offer. Impressions are made within the first few seconds. During interviews employers expect nervousness. They won’t accept lack of preparation! Continue reading “Interviewing Boot Camp – Day 4”

Interviewing Boot Camp – Day 3

Photo 57 (2)Marketing
Applications, cover letters, resumes, references and thank you notes are all reflections of your current skills and how well you follow directions. Each piece of your marketing toolkit serves a distinctive purpose. Marketing materials either lead you to, or take you away from, the interview table! Continue reading “Interviewing Boot Camp – Day 3”

Interviewing Boot Camp – Day 2

Photo 57 (2)Research
Skills Identification paints the world of interviewing in either a positive or negative light. Before an interview, your marketing tools (cover letters, resumes etc.) should show a firm knowledge of your job specific skills. This includes industry phrases, specific tools or technology used and key words of each position you document on your resume. Continue reading “Interviewing Boot Camp – Day 2”