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Take the Hint

cherylHow to know when to go. Not all employers are adept at letting people go. For the most part, firing someone is an employer’s least favorite thing to do. Plus, there is the aspect quiting vs. firing and Unemployment Benefits, but that’s a whole other blog. However, sometimes when an employer is getting ready to make a change, he or she will give “hints” that you should think about moving on. I’ll share seven signs with you that it may be time to start hunting for a new job. Continue reading ‘Take the Hint’

New Federal Trucking Regulations

The time has come – the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) issued new rules and service regulations on truck driver hours, effective July 1, 2013. The point of the rules is to reduce the risk of truck drivers overworking in a week, which the FMCSA believes negatively affects public safety. Trucking and shipping companies, however, believe recent advances in big truck technology and safety make these reductions by the FMCSA unnecessary and costly to the industry. Continue reading ‘New Federal Trucking Regulations’

And You Thought the Political Season Was Over

cherylSurviving office politics.
Phew, all finished, the votes are in. I am betting there were many out there that were quite glad when the national elections were over. Unless you are a politician, it can get quite tiresome, the “he said, she said” and maneuvering for power. Let’s get back to work. So, we go into the office to find a different kind of politics. Continue reading ‘And You Thought the Political Season Was Over’

S.M.A.R.T. Goal Setting

How many of you made resolutions for the New Year? I did! How many of you already gave up on them? Maybe I should raise my hand here and admit that I am back pedaling on mine. And I suspect you are probably doing the same. I wonder why that is?
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The 8 Commandments of Bootlegging your Car into a Dressing Room

Come on….you haven’t done it? Let me paint you the picture. You are working a part-time gig at a temporary agency as a shipping coordinator in a warehouse, but you are really a procurement guru. Then you get that call from Dream Job Inc. The heavens have split open. They want to interview you during your lunch hour. Before you start your celebration dance you remember, but “I am employed.” and you don’t want your current employer to find out, because that scenario could end badly. What do you do? Continue reading ‘The 8 Commandments of Bootlegging your Car into a Dressing Room’

Dealing with Stress During a Layoff

For many of us our job is one of the most important and valued things we have in our lives. It tells those around us who we are and what we have accomplished. Let’s face it. We spend more time at work than we do with our immediate family members. Our co-workers become our second family and often bonds are formed for lifetimes. Our daily contributions and accomplishments at work give us the motivation we need to feel successful. But then…… Continue reading ‘Dealing with Stress During a Layoff’

FISH! Philosophy

Love your Life
Several years ago, I was introduced to FISH! It is a philosophy that adds joy to your day, intensity to your interactions, compassion to your service, and an ability to handle whatever comes your way without it affecting your outlook.

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