The Tricks of Tweets

Using Twitter for Your Job Search
It’s a well-known fact that there are more people today accessing the Internet via mobile technology than with a desktop or laptop computer. This means that your tablets, iPads, eReaders, mobile phones, and PDAs (does anyone really use these anymore?) are the primary means for accessing the wealth of information on the Internet. Why is this relevant for your job search?

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Painting Your Professional Portrait … On Paper and In-Person

Workforce SolutionsYou’ve probably filled out job applications so many times, you consider it the one thing about the job hunt that’s basically a no-brainer. Continue reading “Painting Your Professional Portrait … On Paper and In-Person”

The Key to Completing Online Job Applications

Workforce SolutionsOverall, completing online applications requires having most of the same tools needed for filling out paper applications (i.e., dates, former employers, addresses, and phone numbers) right beside you. Continue reading “The Key to Completing Online Job Applications”