Giving Thanks…for a Disability?

DavidDuring the holidays, many people take time to reflect and give thanks. I am one of those people, and something I’m thankful for is my disability. Over the years, a majority of folks I know have wondered how I can be thankful for my disability. Now don’t get me wrong – if there was a cure, I’d be interested to learn about it, but the truth is that I AM thankful for my disability, and not just because I always get a good parking space.
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“Get-er Done” – with Adaptive Technology

DavidSometimes, I think people are not aware that I can perform most projects as well as anyone else can, only differently.  Walking is not my mode of mobility, but I still get to where I need to go just the same via a wheelchair.  When driving a car, I may not put my foot on the pedal to go faster, but I do accelerate by operating the pedal with hand controls.  At work, the same can be said about the way I complete a project or task. I may not go about it the same way other workers might, but I achieve the same results with the same high-quality standard.
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