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Finding new Employment Professionally

Recently, a few close colleagues, supervisors, and managers have accepted positions elsewhere or promoted to higher positions within the organization. While some were only in their positions for as little as a year, others had been at the same company for much longer. This captured my attention, and I began to ponder when it’s okay to safely move onto a new position. I state “safely” because there are two sides to this debate we should keep in mind. First, short periods of employment may raise eyebrows to future employers and secondly, obtaining additional skills aside from your current career roadmap is imperative to career development and future career progression. We will discuss these two views in more detail later. I would like to discuss statistics, personal insights, and my recommendation of when it is the best opportunity to seek new employment. Continue reading ‘Finding new Employment Professionally’

Five Ways to Beat Interviewing Nerves

Image of Tiffany ArmingtonIt’s a New Year, your resume has made it past screening, and you’ve landed a chance to prove to a potential employer that you undoubtedly have what it takes. Congratulations! But you can already feel the butterflies welling up in your stomach. Interview nerves are on their way. Staying calm and focused in an interview is critical to making an excellent first impression and landing a job. Continue reading ‘Five Ways to Beat Interviewing Nerves’

Happy New Year 2020

David SpearsAs 2019 comes to an end this week and another year…even decade begins, let’s take a look back at a few blogs posted that will help us have an even better than 2020 focus in the coming New Year (yes, pun intended). Workforce Solutions knows what tools you need to get a job, keep a job or find a better job. In doing so, the Regional Team helps with that effort through BlogForce as another resource among many. Continue reading ‘Happy New Year 2020’

Twelve Days of Job Searching

One of my favorite Christmas songs is “The Twelve Days of Christmas.” I have written the words to the song below and have taken a bit of poetic license in changing the lyrics so we can use them as a memory tool to help remember the important parts of a successful job search campaign. The song can be sung in any key you desire. Very unintentionally, I change keys quite often while singing.

And-a-one, and-a-two . . . Continue reading ‘Twelve Days of Job Searching’

Budgeting – Sounds Like the Grinch

Velta WorleyBudgeting conjures up bad four-letter words – like diet, fear, gain, loss, and plan. I need to create a spending plan? I should follow how much loss and gain I have over a period of time? I’m going on a diet, a financial diet – again? I might as well forget it because diets don’t work, therefore budgets don’t work, and I have a lot of fear that I will fail miserably at keeping a budget. Yikes! This sounds like the Grinch who stole Christmas and beyond. Continue reading ‘Budgeting – Sounds Like the Grinch’

Do You Have Savvy?

David SpearsI’ve got savvy to be sure, but with my arms flailing about you may not agree. Actually you’re right! But there has got to be a way for me to somehow communicate my savvy. Fortunately, there is a way that I can channel my arms moving about to communicate with others, namely those who are deaf. How, you might ask? Through an online service called Signing Savvy. Continue reading ‘Do You Have Savvy?’

The Act of Giving (and Receiving)

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and the time to cherish our loved ones’ fellowship, enjoy an extended restful weekend, and of course to taste-test every delicious dish until you are stuffed. During the festivity you may be asked, “what are you thankful for?”. If you’re like me your mind will go blank in a heartbeat despite being asked every year. But after a bit, we all realize that there are so many reasons to be grateful on Thanksgiving. Continue reading ‘The Act of Giving (and Receiving)’