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Being Proactive Not Reactive About Your Future

JoshuaOne of my proudest moments came from my achievement of having a job offer before I graduated from college. That was a goal of mine from an early age, and it was fulfilling to see my hard work pay off. After graduating and starting my career as a manager-in-training, things were going smoothly. My daily tasks included learning how to schedule, obtaining customer satisfaction scores, and learning the facility. Continue reading ‘Being Proactive Not Reactive About Your Future’

Sticking to the Plan

Thelisa LavergneThe start of the New Year is symbolic of new beginnings, second chances, and “do overs.” And, by the way, there is no shortage of do’s and don’ts for creating New Year’s resolutions. The New Year is also a good time to reflect, reevaluate and renew career options and opportunities. However, the decision to start job searching, revamping old job search methods, going back to school, or taking a certification course all require a plan. Continue reading ‘Sticking to the Plan’

The Do’s and Don’ts of Difficult Interview Questions

OmarPart 2
The following two questions are critical in the interviewing process because they establish a lasting impression of you. When you hear the following two questions, this is the home stretch! But it is not over just yet – these questions are critical to your interview because they establish a lasting impression of you, and they are also arguably the most overlooked! Continue reading ‘The Do’s and Don’ts of Difficult Interview Questions’

Five Tips to Ace a Structured Interview

One of the toughest aspects of a selection process is to ensure that all candidates are compared fairly and accurately when applying for a job. This is particularly challenging when different questions are asked, there are no pre-set criteria, and multiple interviewers are involved. Continue reading ‘Five Tips to Ace a Structured Interview’