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Two Languages for the Price of One

Did you grow up speaking two languages at home? I did, and I HATED it! I remember my parents would always say, “in public, you speak English, but at home, we speak Spanish.” Often, I thought that speaking a language other than English was useless. Why did I have to learn a different language when I only needed one to continue my education? Why double the work? At the time, I did not realize the blessing in disguise that it was to speak Spanish fluently, as well as English. Continue reading ‘Two Languages for the Price of One’

Choosing Between Two Star-Qualified Candidates

JessicaThinking from an employer’s perspective, how can you choose between two star-qualified applicants? There are so many things to consider when selecting the most qualified person to work for your company. With so many people applying for unemployment (UI), one of the requirements to continue receiving benefits is to apply for jobs. As an employer, you can imagine there may be countless applications submitted online. Who is job-ready and qualified for the position? Who is simply trying to meet their job search requirements? In 2o2o, the work search requirement was waived due to the pandemic, but most UI claimants still needed to look for work. Continue reading ‘Choosing Between Two Star-Qualified Candidates’

Webinar Etiquette

" "VictoriaProper webinar etiquette is an important component of producing a successful webinar presentation. Like live presentations, virtual demonstrations require practice, effective communication, and efficiency to be successful. Presenters and attendees should keep several key principles in mind to guarantee a rewarding webinar experience. Continue reading ‘Webinar Etiquette’

Ready, Set, Goals!

Soha MohammedFor the last ten years or so, I have made New Year’s resolutions but haven’t kept up with them for longer than a few months. Lately, my lack of consistency has been bothering me. I started researching on how to be more consistent with goals and resolutions and believe it or not, this is a common struggle. Continue reading ‘Ready, Set, Goals!’