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The Benefits of a Transcript Evaluation


As a Career Navigator, I have had the opportunity to meet adult ESL (English as a Second Language) students from various backgrounds and cultures. Many of these students had professional careers in their home country, but what they are doing now in the States is a lot different. Whether the student was a lawyer, businessperson, or banker in their domestic country, they have settled for minimum wage paid positions here in the US. I believe there is a major reason why.

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Day in the Life Series: Job Search as an ESL Student

The partnership between Adult Education and Literacy (AEL) providers and Workforce Solutions has seen a new wave of online students complete their GED, English Second Language (ESL), and other certification programs. The Workforce Solutions Regional Team partners with providers to help students receive services from the career office based on their career goals and personal needs. We would like to share a blog series with you every quarter highlighting a student’s success story and insight into their AEL student experience. Sharing this information can benefit you or someone you know. Whether you are seeking career advancement or other assistance, we are here to help.

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Two Languages for the Price of One

Did you grow up speaking two languages at home? I did, and I HATED it! I remember my parents would always say, “in public, you speak English, but at home, we speak Spanish.” Often, I thought that speaking a language other than English was useless. Why did I have to learn a different language when I only needed one to continue my education? Why double the work? At the time, I did not realize the blessing in disguise that it was to speak Spanish fluently, as well as English. Continue reading ‘Two Languages for the Price of One’

Choosing Between Two Star-Qualified Candidates

JessicaThinking from an employer’s perspective, how can you choose between two star-qualified applicants? There are so many things to consider when selecting the most qualified person to work for your company. With so many people applying for unemployment (UI), one of the requirements to continue receiving benefits is to apply for jobs. As an employer, you can imagine there may be countless applications submitted online. Who is job-ready and qualified for the position? Who is simply trying to meet their job search requirements? In 2o2o, the work search requirement was waived due to the pandemic, but most UI claimants still needed to look for work. Continue reading ‘Choosing Between Two Star-Qualified Candidates’