Going Green


will-s-0209Greening your job search to include environmentally-conscious alternatives.

Being the sports-driven enthusiast that I am, the word “Green” triggers memories of past grid-iron greats– Mean Joe Green, or the maniacal pass-rushing dynamo, Kevin Greene. Retired gold-medal sprinter Maurice Greene also comes to mind.  Like many other Americans, I have come to realize the power of “Green” is also important to a growing sector of today’s workplace. Continue reading “Going Green”

Don’t Let A Barrier Be Your Barrier

danny-0509How to market yourself when you have challenges in your work and personal history.

Tell me, is this you? Are you having a hard time finding a job because you have a criminal charge in your history? Do you find it hard to look for a job because you have three children that are not yet in school? Have you worked for a number of employers in the past couple of years and can’t seem to shake the job hopping? Continue reading “Don’t Let A Barrier Be Your Barrier”

Don’t Bite the Hand that Feeds You

Who needs a recruiter anyway?

I gather many ideas for future blog topics from my esteemed co-workers and career office staff. Today’s new blog topic is inspired by a conversation I had recently with a job seeker. (For blogging purposes let’s refer to this job seeker as John Wayne.) Continue reading “Don’t Bite the Hand that Feeds You”

An Eye on Fitness – Part 2


will-s-0209Staying in Game Shape between Jobs


During a recent networking outing, I had an engaging conversation with a job seeker (for the sake of this blog, let’s just call her Eve). Eve had recently received her third layoff notice in five years. Faced with escalating bills, a mortgage, and a twenty-something recent college graduate under her roof, Eve needed to find a job soon. She wanted to transition into another field, bringing along the host of skills and key professional attributes that made her a successful commodity in the workforce the past 25 years. Continue reading “An Eye on Fitness – Part 2”