Home-Work The Hybrid Way

Hybrid is a term that was not used often to describe jobs as it does now. In the last two years, hybrid employment opportunities have grown exponentially due to the pandemic. With the workforce being out of the office for an extended period, more companies are taking a hybrid approach, especially since it shows that everyone does not have to be in the office for production, and some are even more productive at home. A hybrid workplace combines remote and office work and can be implemented in different ways. This approach saves companies money on facilities, operations, and personnel. One thing we can always count on – is companies’ love of saving money. So now that hybrid employment is here to stay, here are a few ways to improve your work-from-home productivity.

  1. Designate and organize your home office space.

Working remotely makes it easy to blend work with home life. However, create boundaries by designating a work area. Utilize this space for work only and see if you notice an increase in your productivity. Also, invest in reliable equipment for your home office. Since a percentage of your work time will be remote, you will need professional-level equipment such as a good desk and chair, a second monitor, a wireless printer, ring lights, etc. This small investment will also help create a seamless adjustment between working at home and in the office.

  1. Minimize distractions.

It’s always fun to watch people in virtual meetings trying to control their surroundings while at home. Sometimes you’ll hear pets, and children, or see family members in the background. Diminishing all distractions is near impossible but minimizing them is an attainable goal. Control what you can: TV volume, music, surroundings, phone calls, emails, and any other distractions. For instance, cell phones can cause distractions for many reasons. The average person has finances, social media, health, emails, and other apps that send multiple notifications daily. Adjust notification settings, which include Focus Mode, available on Android and iOS systems.

  1. Keep your calendar up to date.

Working in a hybrid environment can be an adjustment from a communication standpoint. In an office, a person can walk down the hall or dial Bob’s extension if they need something. It’s more complicated when team members are on different schedules to be in the office, and some rarely see each other. That is why most people rely on calendars. In an environment where accessibility is vital, your calendar is a tool to create clear, concise communication across the board. As a result, the entire organization, department, or workgroup is on the same page in the office or remotely.

Companies have figured out ways to save money, and increase productivity, and mental health by having Home-Work places. Hybrid workplaces are here to stay, and it is best to figure out how to stay productive in both places.

Joshua Allmon is a Regional Facilitator for Workforce Solutions in the Houston – Galveston Region. Before joining the team, Joshua served as a resource specialist and assisted customers with getting back into the workforce by reviewing current labor market information, job-readiness skills, and community resources. Joshua’s driving force is to help customers get a job, keep a job, or get a better job by conducting job skills seminars throughout the 13 counties of the Gulf Coast region. He holds a B.A. in Marketing and a Minor in Business Management from Grambling State University.

Author: Blogforce

Workforce Solutions provides comprehensive human resource services for businesses and residents of the 13-county Houston-Galveston Gulf Coast region. Workforce Solutions helps employers solve workforce-related business problems and area residents build careers, so that both can better compete in the changing worldwide economy. Our Employer Service Division provides personalized service to help employers find qualified applicants for their jobs, build the skills and expertise of their new and current employees, and address human resource needs. We operate multiple community-based career offices in 13 Texas Gulf Coast counties to help residents get a job, keep a job or get a better job – offering placement, career counseling and financial aid services. We partner with the region’s businesses, educational institutions, civic organizations and community leaders to find solutions to current and future labor needs of industries that are vital to the region and its economy.

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